A New Year, A New Church Website Design

WCRC, current church website design

The current design for the World Communion of Reformed Churches

With the start of a new year comes the desire, at least for me, to finally get going on some of those projects I decided on last year but never got to. For me that’s getting out skiing in the back country this year and creating a new website for one of the organizations I volunteer with, the World Communion of Reformed Churches. For you it might be reading more of the bible, creating a new church website design, or something else. For those of you looking to start of this year with a new church website design, I encourage you to sign up for the Church And Technology.ca newsletter or subscribe to the blog using some other manner like RSS, or follow me on twitter, as over the next few weeks I’ll be going step by step through the process of setting up a church website using WordPress.


Rundle Memorial United Church website design

The new look Runde Memorial United Church website

At the end of last year I finally managed to create a new church website design for my local congregation, Rundle Memorial United Church in Banff, Canada. I say finally because I’d been meaning to do it for months but ended up focusing more on work than my volunteer commitments. Like I said, I did finally make the time to redesign the church website, and I’m pretty happy with the new look. As a whole though, it still needs some work. I still haven’t created a ‘Visitors’ page that will have all the basic information that visitors will be looking for. I’d also like to create a page for interesting reports or documents from the wider church that people might be interested in. For example, the Accra Confession, a really interesting document from the World Communion of Reformed Churches that is based on the theological conviction that the economic and ecological injustices of today’s global economy require the Reformed family to respond as a matter of faith in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Plus, I’d like to go over the content and make sure that it’s written not for the members of the congregation, but for people looking to learn more about us.

But enough about my goals. I only mention them to give you some ideas of things we’ll go over in the next few weeks, and to point out that even for someone whose job involves church website design, it can be hard to make the time to design a good church website. But I’d say making the time is really the hardest part. As you’ll see, WordPress makes church website design pretty easy. If you can make a poster in Word, or a PowerPoint presentation, I’m confident that if you follow the directions I set out, you’ll also be able to create a professional looking church website.

I’ve previously written about picking a platform for your church website where I go over why I think WordPress is the best platform to design a church website, so in the next post I’ll go over the two options you have with WordPress to help you decide which might be best for your situation. After that we’ll go over initial setup, picking a theme, writing content, and getting the word out, among other things.


As we go through the process of setting up a church website I’m interested in what you are most curious about regarding church website design? And what features do you want to make sure your church website has?

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