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How To Get A Basic Church Sound System for $300

$300 Church Sound SystemDoing things on a budget is always about weighing needs versus wants. When it comes to a church sound system my want is always to get the best system I can. My need is to get something. Something is better then nothing, okay not always, but often. If all you’ve got is $300 than you need to find something in that price range, which you can. The Pyle-Pro Pwma1090ui 800-Watt Wireless Rechargeable Portable Pa Systemavailable from Amazon fits the bill. It also comes with a handheld and a lavalier microphone. I picked Amazon because they’ll ship anywhere ensuring you can get this, plus it’s an online shopping portal most people are familiar with. (Note: If you purchase using this link I will likely get a commission from Amazon, your price isn’t any higher though, don’t worry.)

Is this a great sound system? Not really. Is it totally acceptable for a church of around 50 people? Yep. You can even get a Speaker Standfor it for another $35 or so which will help the people at the back hear better, although it makes adjusting the sound a little trickier since it’s up high.

This is a simple to use All-In-One system with separate volume knobs for each input and no overall master volume. If you read the reviews on Amazon you’ll learn that the input for MP3 players or other devices with a $300 Church Sound System - Controles3.5mm (headphone size) jack is pretty quiet, but you can use other ones (audio or guitar) with a separate cable just fine. The wireless mics are nothing to write home about, but work. You need to hold the handheld one close to your mouth for it to pick up, but it does work.

You can also use this as an outdoor church sound system, or in a place without power as it has a build in battery. If you’re going to use it plugged in however, make sure it’s fully charged before your service starts as charging interferes with the sound quality.

Got More Than $300 for A Church Sound System?

By all means, if you have more to spend, and would like a better sounding church sound system feel free to do so. A quick Amazon Search¬†finds lots of different basic options. I searched for powered speakers since that limits the search in a way that provides options with powered speakers which I would recommend for a basic system. It also includes lots of packages that are quite reasonably priced. Again, don’t expect to host the Rolling Stones with these setups, but for simple church audio use, they get the job done.

What are you looking for in a church sound system? Does an All-In-One speaker/mixer do the job?

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