Church And’s good reads, week 3 2013

Each week Church And shares some of the worthwhile reading we found on the web that you might be interested in.

Church And’s list of interesting articles from the last week:

The Dunbar Number: Meaningful for Social Media? How about for Church? – #ChSocM
This references evolutionary psychologist Robin Dunbar’s theory that humans cannot, as a general rule, maintain more than 150 meaningful relationships. This is an interesting exploration of that concept in lead up to the Tweet Chat who’s transcript is Here.

If not now, when? If not you, who? – Digital Evangelism Issues
Questions worth pondering in most circumstances. This is also true when it comes to starting new digital strategies as well as starting new church initiatives. The infographic is a bit corny in my opinion, but it does make some good points.

3 Solutions for Handling the Cell Phone Struggle – Church Tech Today
This post offers three different options for handling cell phones in church and at church events. Personally I prefer option 3, but not as they present it. They talk about it as a techie/hipster solution where as I feel that encouraging people to use their phones at church and church events helps educate people about proper use of technology.

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