Church And’s good reads, week 21 2013

Each week Church And shares some of the worthwhile reading we found on the web that you might be interested in.

Church And’s list of interesting articles from the last week:

Church Internet Strategy: How To Make It More Than A Pile Of Paper – Internet Toolbox For Churches
A worthwhile exercise for any organization, including churches. Take the time to do some basic planning for internet strategies and you’ll spend less time figuring things out (read: wasting time) as you go along.

How to Compare Your Facebook Page With the Competition – Social Media Examiner
It makes sense to see what others are doing on Facebook, and to learn from what they are doing well, just as you would from their offline strategies. This post talks about some tools you can use to see what’s working well for your church Facebook Page as well as for other churches so you can do a better job of engaging people through your church Facebook Page.

Do’s and don’ts of typography – Web Designer Depot
A look at how your text is presented. It’s a little geeky, but the basics are actually important things to consider when posting to your church website.

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