Church And’s good reads, week 9 2013

Each week Church And shares some of the worthwhile reading we found on the web that you might be interested in.

Church And’s list of interesting articles from the last week:

Social Media and Sermons: Helping the Preacher – #ChSocM
An interesting article on how using social media on a regular basis changes how one thinks, and thus how one preaches. Definitely worth thinking more about. You can also read the full text of the twitter chat (even if you don’t use twitter) here.

5 Ways to Get the Message Out to Your Church Via Text – Church Tech Today
If you’re interested in using texting/SMS for communication in your church or church¬†organization¬†there are some interesting ideas here. Personally I’m not sure mas texting is the best option to contact people, but I keep reading up on it to see if someone can change my mind.

How to Make Your Church Website Mobile-Friendly – Church Leaders
Easy stuff to say, but really not that hard to accomplish these days either. I’m a big fan of responsive websites (code speak for sites that adapt their look based on screen size) as a way to do mobile easily, but to make them really good it does take a bit more work then just setting it up.

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