Church And’s good reading for week 45 2012

Each week Church And shares some of the interesting articles we’ve found on the web we feel you might be interested in.

Church And’s list of good reading from the last week:

Is ‘unfriending’ un-Christian? – The Community, a ministry of the Anglican Church of Canada
An interesting question. My first thought was just to use Facebook lists rather then unfriending, but then I realized that just avoids the question. This is definitely worth thinking about, and even made me wonder whether or not Facebook lists could even be un-Christian.

Book review – Tweeting Church: Good News in Only 140 Characters – Digital Evangelism Issues
This seems like an interesting book. The review talks about how the book not only explains how to do things technically, but also how to behave online in a Christ-like manner. I’m definitely intrigued.

When online worship fails – The New Media Project at Union Theological Seminary
I found the title a little misleading since by failure they seem mean not garnering a large international online audience. None the less there is some interesting information in the article.

5 Things I Learned About Church Facebook Pages As A Small Town Pastor – ChurchMag
Some interesting and useful advice about using Facebook in a small town. Yes it can work. There are some good cautions about peoples feelings in here as well.

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