Church Social Media: Broadcast vs Conversation

You might have heard people talking about the importance conversations in social media and how it’s not just about self-promotion. I’ve read a few blog posts recently on the topic including one at #chsocm (Church Social Media). They got me thinking about the different ways we can and do use social media, and whether any way is better than another.

Church Social Media, Broadcast or Conversation?Overall I think the social part of social media is what makes it fun, and I would say is a very worthwhile way for church social media use, but I stand by the fact that social media is also a great way for churches to share information with their followers. This can include upcoming events, service themes, and news from the community and other church partners. While this is theoretically broadcast style use, it can also be easily considered useful information for your community.

I also recognize that many church staff and volunteers are super busy and adding an involved, interactive social media component to their work load isn’t really manageable a lot of the time. By only committing to the much easier broadcast style of social media use churches are less likely to overload their staff and volunteers. You will also still have a presence in places where at least some, and likely more and more, of your church community spend time.

Think of broadcast style church social media use as a good place to start. I encourage you to not end there though if you can help it. As you’re reading through feeds for items to re-share for example, take the time to reply to a question if you have one, or add a comment as you re-share it. Not only does this make your social network more alive and interesting, it gives you an idea of the larger possibilities available through social media. But don’t worry about having to comment on a regular basis. Doing the broadcast thing and getting your churches events and news out to your followers and community is step one, and by far the most important step. It’s also not that hard.

Easy Church Social Media ideas from Church And

For ideas on how churches can do social media simply, take a look at my post Easy Church Social Media


How does your church use social media? Does it work for you? Are their right and wrong ways for churches to use social media?

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