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Free church stock photos are really helpful when setting up or maintaining your churches website. Stock pictures are generic images that you can use to enhance your website. They are really great for making blog posts or sermons (which can be the same thing) more interesting to read. There is lots of evidence that by including pictures in your website, not only will people stay on the site longer, they will actually read more. It makes sense too, pictures can break up large blocks of text and make pages look more interesting.

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Get Free Church Stock Photos like this one from

If you or a friend are good, and like to take interesting pictures, that can be a great way to enhance your church website. For the rest of us, thank goodness there are stock photo sites. There are lots of sites to pick from. Some charge a fee like iStockPhoto and Sutterstock . These tend to have lots of great pictures, are easy to search, and they are pretty reasonably priced.

There are also free stock picture sites. Some are better than others, and they usually take a bit more time to find a picture that might work for your situation, but they are free. Here are some sites I use for free church stock photos: – A nice collection of church related material. They have both free pictures and some for sale for reasonable prices. You can search or browse by category as you feel called. – A reasonable amount of free content as well as paid contend. The free stuff seems to be mainly smaller images, they’re nice though. They also let you browse or search, although you there aren’t really categories for the free images, you’re best to just get in the free image category and search for your desired image. You do need to sign up for a free account to access the images. – A free site that lets you search or browse. It was recently bought by Getty Images who own iStockPhoto and you’ll find lots of advertising for that site. They also include images from iStockPhoto in the search which can be a little confusing. There are lots there to choose from though. – This is a good source for more generic images. It’s not where I got first, but it’s usually worth a check.
With all these sites for stock church photos it’s important to remember to attribute your pictures. Make sure you read the terms of use from each site before using the pictures.
What are your favourite websites for free church stock pictures?

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