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Simple Ways Churches Can Use Facebook

Facebook Logo, Give Life to Your Church Facebook PageFacebook can be a great tool for building community or for marketing. It can also be a huge time hog. Many churches and church organizations I’m involved with are looking for simple ways to use Facebook to help them stay better connected with their members. Here are a few easy things you can do.

Share interesting news

“Like” related organizations pages and share some of their news with your members. Facebook Pages, which you should be using for your church, lets you pre-schedule updates. This means you can check for news once a week if that’s all the time you have, and pre-schedule a few updates on your church Facebook page. Some pages you may wish to consider following are: World Communion of Reformed Churches, World Council of Churches, The Huffington Post (Religion), Council for World Mission

Use pictures

If you’re on Facebook it’s hard not to notice how popular pictures are these days. Pictures are also great content and easy to get.

Consider thanking volunteers by posting a picture of them on your church Facebook page (while working if you have one) and tagging them in it. That way their friends can learn about the great work they do as well.

Use pictures from study groups or worship to remind people of questions they may have had. This can encourage them, or others to continue the conversation. You can also just use a related picture for this if you want.

You can also share some of the bazillions of inspirational pictures on Facebook right now. If you do though I encourage you to share it with a comment, don’t just “like” it. It becomes way more personal that way. Now that said, it does take more time and a “like” is better than nothing.

Put Your Announcements On Your Church Facebook Page

Likely you’re already posting your church announcements on your church website, but it doesn’t hurt to put them on your church Facebook Page as well. I’d recommend not just posting a big list but scheduling individual announcements to show up throughout the week. This can help remind people of events they were interested in closer to the actual dates.

There is of course lots more that could be done, but these are a few places you can start.

How does your church use Facebook? What do you do that really engages people?

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