Using A Bible App: It’s Actually Pretty Fun

I’m not sure if it’s a good idea to start a blog post off with a confession, but I’m doing it anyway. I don’t read the bible much, nor have I ever read the whole thing. As a mainline Christian this likely isn’t that uncommon, but I’m not sure it’s something to be proud of either. Now, this is not to say that I’m not familiar with the contents of the bible. I am, and at a reasonable level I’ve been told. I just haven’t spent much time sitting down and just reading, I’ve always only done it for a specific reason; until now.

My First Bible App Reading Plan Badge - Church And Technology.caThis changed recently after I downloaded a new bible app for my phone. The one I’d been using before changed a bit, and I didn’t like it as much, plus I’m always on the lookout for one with a free NRSV text (which this doesn’t have either though). While I was looking this time I came across You Version’s The Bible App and decided to give it a try. It was created by with the goal of helping people connect the bible to their daily lives. It does this in a few ways. There’s lots of integration between The Bible App Social Media to help people share their bible experiences with their friends. This could be bringing up this week’s scripture passages as you read them in church and then posting them to Facebook with your comments or sharing where you are in your bible reading plan.

This brings me to another interesting feature of The Bible App, the reading plans. I recently completed my first reading plan “Minor Old Testament Prophets”. It took me a bit more then the recommended 25 days, but the program easily lets you re-configure the schedule if you happen to get a bit behind. And the daily ‘read the bible’ reminder (which you can turn off if you don’t want it) was helpful in finishing the recommended readings.

Overall I found the experience to be a good one. I’m happy that I’ve read more of the bible and that I’ve found a relatively easy way to do so.

One other fun feature You Version has for Christmas is a live map of where in the world people are reading the Christmas Story. It’s pretty fun to watch as stars light up and fade away all over the globe. Here’s a view I caught recently.

Reading the Christmas Story as seen by Church And

Have you ever used a bible app for your smartphone? What do you think of electronic bible reading plans?



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